Why hello there, muse...

Where the hell have you been? It's been eight months since I wrote much of anything. And now you just stroll in here and drop the next chapter of 'Seek Me in Shadow' into my brain. While I'm on my way to work, no less, and therefore can't write anything down.

*grumble, grumble*

I've missed you...
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Bah, Humbug...

I've really been enjoying MagiStream. It's incredibly fun, catching and raising and breeding all of the gorgeous creatures. The Christmas event, though. I don't know what goes through some people's minds. I got a White Elk because I gave away gifts to others. I didn't know I would get it, no one knew. I gifted people because I wanted to make them happy. I knew there would be people who's RL Christmas would suck. I have sat here and almost cried so many times these past few days. Tears of anger and sadness, tears for friends and for people I've never talked to before. Tears of pure rage on behalf of others. To see people complaining and saying 'It's unfair! I didn't know I would get something, so I didn't gift!' I truly hate the concept of fair/unfair. So many people seem to have wanted to make others suffer, simply because they didn't get what they feel entitled to.

People have been flaming each other, arguing with everyone over things none of us have the power to change. Some people have taken on an attitude of, "If I can't have one, you can't be allowed to enjoy having one!" Then on top of that, to see people complain that what they were gifted wasn't what they wanted. I know of two people who received Donation Pets, only to complain about them. Those pets cost real-world money. How badly have you been raised, to publicly complain that you got a 'crummy' gift that someone actually worked for in RL?

Okay, now that I'm done with my ranting: I really need to work on Seek, but I'm blocked again. Grrr.

Writer's Block: Gifts for My Favorite Geek

What gifts are you planning to get this year for the tech-geek in your life?

Um, I am the tech geek in my life. :/ A lazy one, at that.

I've been poking around with my Hinata/Genma fic. I might be able to start work on chapter three this weekend. Assuming that the apocalypse doesn't occur or something. I reread it this morning, and it surprised me at how much better it was than I thought. That's a fun feeling, to look back at something I've been struggling with and think, 'Oh yeah, this is worth the headache.' I do feel bad that it's taken five months for me to get to this point. I was quite surprised to find it has been added to a nice Hinata archive on, but strangely the knowledge that a few more people have read it has made me really want to work on it more.

Meanwhile, I need to get Adam Lambert's album for my mom. Gee, the things I do for the women who gave me life. Gah.
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I Want My Blankie! A Random Moment

I'm tired, cranky, sleepy, PMS-ing, my ankle hurts, my knee hurts, my back hurts...So basically:  Wahhh. 

I do have a really large bottle of Long Island Iced Tea, though.  Oh, yes, happy thoughts there.

Odd but true fact:  I buy and read Vanity Fair magazine on a pretty regular basis.  I had to hide my new issue from my sister, because it has the guy from that movie on the front cover.  Yes, I refuse to type the name, but I'm sure you can guess who I mean.  Ahem.
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Halp the MagiStream has got meeee

My new adoptable pet addiction:  MagiStream.  Gryphons!  Pegasi!  Kitsunes!  Krakens!  Wolves!  Yeah, I was hooked from the moment I saw the artwork.  I never wanted a pony as a child.  I wanted a gryphon.  Or a phoenix.  I have Dragon Cave for dragons (just caught two Splits the other day), but one thing I'm really enjoying about MagiStream is it moves faster.  Much faster.

I'm still blocked on writing, but it seems to have receded a bit.  I can scribble out a few sentences without becoming so frustrated I want to cry.  That Hinata/Genma story I started, it's going to be slow going for a very long while.

When I signed in tonight, the writer's block question that popped up asked what your scariest experience with drugs or alcholol was, and if it changed you.  My baby brother, eighteen years old, OD'ed in early July.  When our sister found him, he wasn't breathing.  She and her boyfriend and a couple of others got him to the hospital.  From where they live, it's faster to drive in yourself.   The people with them were able to get him breathing again, but in the car he had a seizure.  When he got to the hospital, he had two or three more.  The next day, he had another one.  It's been three months since this happened, and he's fine.  No lasting damage, from any of it.  Every day when I look at the picture of him on my bookshelf, I thank every God and Goddess I know of that he is still here with me, with us.  That he was able to attend our niece's first birthday party two weeks after his overdose.  That he got to see our older niece when she came home from her first day of school.  That he can roll around on the floor and wrestle with our nephew.  That I can hug him.
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I live...I just can't write...

Damn it all,  I can't write anything.  I get an idea, get really excited, hit the laptop...and nothing.  It all falls apart in my head.  Not a single word in a week.  I'm torn between screaming in frustration and tears of anger.  I haven't even wanted to read anything, and that's so out of the ordinary my eighteen year old brother commented on it.  Even those stupid 'Writer's Block' questions...Nothing.
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I live...

I live, but for the second year in a row I have the flu. Normal, but also for the second year in a row I received a memo from the company I work for telling me they will be offering free flu shots. Nice timing guys.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Oh, I also adopted some dragon eggs...Yeah.
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My weekend was not so good, and my week is not starting any better.  Friday was 'Day of General Stupidity and Whiny People'.  Saturday was 'Day that Shai Will Close the Restaurant By Herself'.  Sunday was "Day Shai Shall Screw Up Her Back'.  (Sunday was really just a continuation of Saturday...because I didn't leave until 4 a.m.)  Monday was 'Day The Co-Manager Should Learn to Consider Others, Because You Never Know When Your Knee Will Go Out.  Again'.  And Tuesday is now 'Day Shai Calls Out of Work to Visit the Emergency Room'.  I now have a prescription for Loretab and 3 days off from work.  Yay painkillers.
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